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As a creative marketing and production agency we understand the need to personalise customer experience, avoid the pitfalls of promotion and identify niche social media strategies tailor-made for your business.

The explosion in new media has led to a wealth of personalisation opportunities for marketeers. But, personalisation isn’t simply a case of adding a customer name to the top of an e-mail. It’s now possible for Brand Managers to communicate with their customers about their individual interests and preferences.

In the past, achieving personalisation was a real challenge. Social media, has given brands an opportunity to show personality, but how do you get to all of the equestrian market place that is not already on your Facebook page for example?

Customers usually expect a certain level of personalisation, someone answering the phone for example and then if they cannot help collating the info and getting back to them to follow up can have a powerful impact on brand loyalty, and in turn encourage referral. We have develpoed a range of key services that can be given to you to combat any of these issues. It is like having your very own tool box to dip in and out of as required.

The growth in other digital channels means that e-mail and facebook should not be used in isolation, but as part of a cross-channel marketing strategy. Results can be enhanced by delivering cross-platform campaigns that are delivered based on a person’s interactions. Call us and we can support you in your business future plans and give you the tool box required to do the best possible job!

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