Welcome to the world Na’vi de la Paz!

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Oro (Pearl of Peace) and Patina have produced a beautiful, adorable foal.

The owner of Patina has decided to call Patina and Oro’s foal Na’vi de la Paz.

If you are a movie buff, you may recognize the Na’vi from the movie ‘Avatar’. This was the peaceful race of very tall blue native people. Paz means peace. This is a Spanish name. She decided to go with a very peaceful, meaningful and characteristic name. Let’s just hope everybody can pronounce it!

She was born on the 30th of March at 2:22 am. She is the first foal born in the USA.

The foal will need a DNA test to see whether she will turn out either Perlino (two cream genes) or Isabela (pale cream brown). She will become lighter over the coming months, hopefully becoming golden like her father!
Patina (mother) is a pearl/cream graded Andalusian mare owned by the Sommer Ranch in the USA.



Photo (featured) up to date as of – 23/08/18


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