Crisis Management

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To an outsider, the media industry can seem intimidating, exclusive and difficult to regulate single-handedly. There is nothing to stop negative coverage from being published, and it can seem as though there is no one there to help you scramble back up from the depths of media reprimand.

Fox Red Media acts as a custodian for our clients to preserve their public profile in the hands of the media. We recognise that not all media coverage is published in a positive light; the media know that shocking articles sell copies and sometimes this can be at others expense. One negative article can tarnish a reputation and influence public opinion, an opinion that can prove difficult to change.

We can structure a crisis management plan and PR strategy that safeguards the best interests of our clients by offering a swift first response to the media. The creation of a solid, effective public relations marketing plan helps to diffuse a potentially harmful and damaging situation. Our clients have full access to a 24-hour crisis management line that makes the service we offer dependable, faithful and consistent.

Our aim is to give a negative headline a positive spin. Our working knowledge of the media industry means that we know what makes a good story and can work with the media to transform a condemning article into an inspiring story.

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