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Designing a brochure or leaflet that looks good is one thing, designing them for the country, the equestrian or your specific audience is another. Some sectors (like many of the ones we work in) can be a traditional, extremely knowledgeable and passionate bunch of people. Creating marketing material that is current and appealing to this niche takes creativity and an in-depth knowledge of the industry and people in general. This is where Fox Red Media comes in. Many of our team have horses, shoot, work dogs, live on farms and have enjoyed the countryside all of their lives.

We commission the right designers for your projects, we are not tied to any one designer, agency or group, therefore, we can select the very best person for your individual project. Be it a brand launch for berry farmers to a website for a therapy company we select the best to ensure your project gets the best!

When selling a product or service ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is never truer!
So, let us commision the correct photographer for your project. We have extensive experience in commissioning the right photographer and selecting the perfect image for our client’s marketing. We have drone operators, movi-cam operatives, portrait photographers, sports experts and everything in-between!


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